Commercial Solar Options

You have options when your business decides to go solar with us. What commercial options for solar panels do you have?

Among the many options business have for commercial solar options, some business owners choose to have solar panels mounted on their roof. There are many benefits of rooftop mounting of solar panels. 

Your Financing Options

High Level Financing

Here at Enerform Solutions , we have industry leading financing capabilities. Our financing is exclusive and not commonly seen in the market. So act NOW while its available.

You can choose to purchase the system outright, finance, or lease your system. Each option has it’s benefits. Contact us today to discuss what option would be best for your business.

Your Commercial Mounting Solar Panels Options

You can choose to install commercial solar panels directly on the roof of your business.

Benefits of Commercial Roof Top Mounting of Solar Panels

Adding commercial rooftop solar panels can help reduce a business’ electricity bill, making it a solid pick of commercial solar options. Commercial rooftop solar panels can reduce a business’ energy consumption and help offset overhead costs.

In addition, installing solar panels reduces the use of fossil fuels, which helps protect the environment. It can also reduce the inherent energy losses that occur when power is transferred through the power grid.

Rooftop solar power for commercial buildings can help protect critical commercial building infrastructure during storms and outages. At the same time, uninterrupted power from rooftop-mounted solar panels helps to ensure that perishable commodities inside the business remain at optimal temperatures so they are usable and safe for sale and consumption.

Rooftop-mounted solar panels can be utilized for solar cooling, water heating, and lighting. The longer lifespan of top-quality solar panels means that the investment pays off multiple times. Finally, installing commercial rooftop solar panels helps companies demonstrate their commitment to protecting the environment.

If your business has an open space or field, you can utilize that extra space and install a ground mount solar panel.

If your business has an open space or field, your commercial solar options may include ground mounting of commercial solar panels. Ground mounting of commercial solar panels makes sense when there is adequate ground space away from commercial traffic.

Benefits of Ground Mounting of Commercial Solar Panels

If your business premises does have the right environment for ground mounted solar panels, there are tremendous benefits that can be enjoyed. They include:

  • Easy maintenance – Ground mounted solar panels can easily be kept clear of dirt and debris by almost anyone who is trained to do so. There is no climbing involved or need for pricey cleaning gear.
  • Easy access – Ground mounted solar panels for businesses offer easy access. If there is any problem with the solar panels or their function, they can be visually inspected by trained solar panel experts who will be able to quickly determine what, if any, issues are going on.

Is Ground Mounting of Solar Panels Right For Your Business?

There are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration regarding ground mounting of solar panels as your choice of commercial solar options.

Do You Have the Space For Ground Mounting?

Your business will need to have the ground area to support solar panels. This would be an area where there is no pedestrian or motor vehicle traffic.

Is Your Climate Suitable For Ground Mounting of Solar Panels?

Areas that experience heavy snow may not be suitable for ground mounted solar panels, as the snow accumulation will block access to sun’s rays.

Customize your commercial solar system

Here at Enerform Solutions, we will customize your commercial solar system to fit your business’s needs. Get in contact with us today to discuss what solar could do for your business.

If you have a car port, large or small, your business can install solar panels right on top.

Unlike ground-mounted systems, commercial solar options for carports are an excellent choice for business owners who want the benefits of a solar array without having to put up a new roof. They are also a cost-effective option for businesses, schools, and organizations.

The solar carport is a shaded structure that contains solar panels, typically on a concrete or stainless steel base. Solar car ports also provide shaded parking for tenants, customers, students, employees, etc.

A solar carport is a relatively new innovation, but it’s already becoming more popular. As individuals and companies begin adopting green technology at a rapid pace, many are starting to transition to renewable energy.

Besides their obvious function of generating clean electricity, carports also offer the advantages of lower carbon footprints and efficient use of space. They can be placed in a parking lot, driveway, backyard, or other area. They can also be used to charge electric vehicles.

Solar carports are a great way to create a source of clean energy on site, while lowering carbon emissions.

EV Charging Stations for Office or Multi-Tenant

ev charging

Having an electric vehicle charging station can be a big green-friendly win for businesses. Commercial solar options such as EV charging stations help you clean up the environment, as well as attract customers, clients, and tenants to your commercial enterprise who share your eco-friendly passion.

There are several types of commercial solar options for charging stations from Enerform Solar Solutions. They range in cost and level of functionality. The EV charging station of choice for most business owners will be a level 2 charger. These will provide 10 to 20 miles of range per hour of charging. These charging stations are common in parking lots and garages. They use a 240V AC plug.

There are also a few other EV charging stations that offer up to 350kW of power. These are often referred to as direct current fast chargers. These chargers are more powerful and charge EVs faster than their level 2 counterparts.

While not yet ubiquitous as gas stations, EV charging stations are becoming a must-have for businesses. They are becoming more common in parking lots, and the popularity of EVs is only expected to grow.