Commercial Solar Success Stories

Businesses journeys on going solar

Let’s see a few business that decided to go solar and how they benefited.

Project 1

This company’s headquarters went solar to help them achieve energy independence. They used 52,490 sq. ft. of roof and ground space to produce approximately 500 kW of energy. They designed this system to cover 97 percent of their energy needs.

What savings did they see?

Annual Utility Usage Savings: Approximately $43,000 (including meter charges and utility demand rate)

Cost to Install Before Incentives: Approximately $971,000, equating to $1.75 price per watt (before incentives)

Breakdown of Incentives and Rebates: 30% federal tax credit; SREC incentive expected: $436,044.73 (non-taxable); Ameren Smart Inverter rebate: $138, 695.00 (non-taxable); sing the MACRS schedule, the system can be depreciated in the first year at 100%, which comes to be 50% of the job cost.

Project 2

This warehouse and distribution center decided to go solar to offset energy usage and costs. They mounted a flat roof system, using a tilt in the racking to get optimum sunlight exposure. They used 386 panels to produce about 203,165 kW power production.

What savings did they see?

30-Year Electric Bill Savings: $831,440

Payback Period: 5.4 years

Breakdown of Rebates and Incentives: Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC), providing eligibility to receive a tax credit in the amount of 30%; and 100% bonus depreciation under the Tax Reform Bill; State $0.25 PV Rebate

Project 3

This company always wanted their business to have the goal to be cost-effective and efficient. They carried out this goal by installing solar to achieve decades-long efficiency and cost-savings. Utilizing their roof for the system saved them valuable real estate on the ground.

What savings did they see?

Estimated annual production: 182 roof mount panels producing 90,463 kW’s per year.

Average Monthly Savings: $874

Energy Offset: They decided for their energy offset to cover 111%, making this building net positive.

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