Commercial Solar

Run your business for less

One of the highest overhead costs you will face running a business is the cost of electricity. Deciding to go solar for your business makes great business sense. No matter the size of your business, commercial solar is affordable for everyone. Could solar benefit your business? Is it worth the investment? The advantages of going solar begin immediately after you decide to install, let’s see why:

Advantages of commercial solar panels for business

1. Reduce Operating Costs

2. Become a Green Business

3. Tax benefits

One of the biggest advantages of your business going commercial solar is the tax benefits that come along with it. Local, state, and federal governments support the move toward renewable energy. To show their support, they have put into place tax incentives and financial assistance programs. Here are the primary tax benefits you could receive from commercial solar:

Just keep in mind here at Enerform Solutions, we are not accountants, we are energy advisors, so we advise everyone to discuss these options further with your tax expert.

4. Energy Independence

Every business needs power to operate, so having a secure and reliable energy supply is essential. When you choose solar power for your business you are reducing, or removing, your dependency on utility companies. Power outages are an issue and will continue to happen. If you are connected through the grid, you are vulnerable to lapses in power supply. When you have a commercial solar power system accompanied by a backup energy supply you supply your own power in the event of an outage. There are two options that we offer here at Enerform Solutions for a backup energy supply.

5. Protect Against Changing Utility Rates

Customize your commercial solar system

Here at Enerform Solutions, we will customize your commercial solar system to fit your business’s needs. Get in contact with us today to discuss what solar could do for your business.

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