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How Businesses Can Adopt Solar Energy Solutions

When a company hits the news for going solar, it’s common for the story to be accompanied by images of huge solar arrays. This makes an impressive scene for the TV, but it paints a misleading picture for the average business owner. That’s because most businesses don’t have acres of roof space to use for solar energy solutions. When the TV only shows huge installations, it gives a false impression that solar energy won’t work for most businesses.

The Reality of Solar Energy for Businesses

In reality, the vast majority of companies can benefit from adding solar to their sources of electrical power. Doing so frees the company from high power costs, fluctuations in price, and in some areas, the threat of business-disrupting rolling blackouts. Additionally, with the right solar energy solutions, your company will be considered more eco-friendly.

How Your Business Can Adopt Solar Energy Solutions

The first thing to keep in mind is that solar energy solutions are not all-or-nothing. If your location doesn’t have enough roof or field space for all of the solar panels required to meet your needs, you can still save money by going with a hybrid system. This will reduce your reliance on the grid and can be enough to keep key operations running in case of a grid-down situation.

Many businesses find that they have plenty of space for a system that covers all of their needs. Thanks to batteries that store power during periods of peak sunlight, the need for large numbers of panels is reduced.

Know Your Solar Energy Options

Even though various terms are used, solar energy solutions often come down to the use of solar panel arrays. However, these are only half of what is involved in some systems. Many systems include batteries, which are charged by your panels on sunny days. The batteries then discharge the stored power at night or when it’s cloudy, giving your system more running time.

Other solar systems provide hot water rather than raw electricity. These don’t get nearly as much publicity, but if your company uses a lot of steam for heat or energy, they’re worth looking into.

Basic Requirements of Business Solar Energy Solutions

The size of the system used for your solar energy solutions may be limited by how much space you have for solar panels. That doesn’t mean that you need a huge amount of room. If your building is small, your electrical demand is likely to also be low.

A sunny climate is better for solar than one that is cloudy for much of the year. It’s still possible to benefit from solar in many of the cloudier states, but you’ll get the most bang for your buck in the South and Southwest.

Cut or Eliminate Your Up-Front Costs

Some solar system installation companies charge the entire fee for a system up front, which makes adopting their solar energy solutions cost-prohibitive for some businesses. However, others may offer solar energy solutions with practical financing options. Instead, zero-down financing makes it easy to get a system installed with no immediate hit to your bottom line. One such company is Enerform Solutions, which also offers leasing and the option to buy outright.

Get a Quote for Solar Energy Solutions

Get quotes from professional solar energy solutions providers, such as Enerform Solutions. Make sure you get the details, too: can providers offer standard installations on roofs or get creative and use fields, carport roofs, and other locations? 

If you have several options for where your panels can go, get quotes for each one to make sure you’ll be making the most cost-effective choice. Also, remember that a solar system quote isn’t just for the panels. Make sure it lists all batteries, controllers, insulators, and other such hardware, as well as installation costs.

Consider Solar for EV Charging Stations

If you’re in an area where a lot of people use electric vehicles, setting up a few EV charging stations are solar energy solutions that will make your customers happy. This is especially true if you lease residential or office space, where your tenants will typically be at your location for several hours each day.

Using solar to power your EV charging stations will make this upgrade easy. You won’t have to worry about power companies’ peak times or getting special wiring from them.

Professional Installation for Solar Solutions

Professional installation does more than help to ensure a smooth set-up process at your location for your new solar energy solutions. Companies like Enerform Solutions will also take care of the permitting process, saving you countless trips to City Hall and hours of waiting in lines. Everything will be much easier when the pros do your commercial solar installation.

Contact Enerform Solutions Today

To learn more about the innovative solar energy solutions available for your location or business needs, information on financing, or to get a quote, contact Enerform Solutions today. We are here to help businesses learn how to adopt effective energy solutions.

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