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According to a report published by the Solar Energy Industries Association in 2022, nearly 13% of all residential homes will feature solar energy in some capacity by the time 2030 rolls into view. The report noted the importance of solar energy and its continued growth in popularity throughout the world. 

As we continue to explore growth within the solar energy field, businesses are learning to adopt the benefits close to home, and companies like Enerform Solutions are here to help. We’ll explore solar energy as well as how services like car port mounting can go a long way toward solving energy independence.

Why Should I Use Car Port Mounting Solar Panels?

Solar energy is at the forefront of many great new industry revolutions, not the least of which is the powering of our commercial enterprises. Solar energy has grown in popularity in leaps and bounds over the years because the benefits that it can provide are direct and nearly immediate.

Let’s highlight a few of the key reasons as to why individuals are turning to solar car port mounting and other solar energy systems to help buoy their energy bills while building better businesses.

Reduced Operating Expenses

First and foremost, every business is likely to try to cut overhead costs and that is the primary place to start with solar energy installations like car port mounting. Utilities are among the largest recurring expenses for businesses of all sizes and operations and installing commercial solar panels can help to offset those energy expenses in the long run.

Commercial solar power can also help you to plan for a better future by adjusting for seasonal changes and adjusted rates. Solar panels help businesses to know exactly what they should be paying every single month for their power.

Embrace Green Enterprise

A form of clean and renewable energy, transitioning to solar energy shows an admiration for the environment as well as a promise to do better in the future. Green businesses limit their carbon footprint while reducing their reliance on fossil fuels, leading to an overall healthier environment. Going green doesn’t just improve your relationship with the environment, but it can also improve your relationship with customers while garnering a positive reputation for environmentalism.

Solar energy like car port mounting also provides businesses with a path toward energy independence, providing their business with a secure and responsible supply of energy. Whether fearing for power outages or potential winter weather, solar energy offsets these concerns while providing you with a powerful system of backup energy should you require one.

What Is Solar Car Port Mounting?

Solar car port mounting is an affordable and environmentally friendly way to address the energy consumption needs of your company. From covered canopy parking for RVs to a dedicated parking spot with a mounted car port panel, such as in a residential parking lot, you’ll be able to find something right for your energy needs.

Companies like Enerform Solutions offer clients the opportunity to install covered solar carports for their business. Unlike traditional installations that are attached to rooftops, these ground-mounted systems will instead rely upon tilted panels that are hosted just several feet off of the ground.

Utilizing the ground-mounted model, these solar carports also often feature electric vehicle charging stations so that drivers can top off their batteries while they are out and about.

Advantages of Solar Car Port Mounting

Solar car port mounting by companies like Enerform Solutions can provide business owners with an array of immediate benefits. While solar panels won’t pay for themselves overnight, they provide plenty of features and benefits that tend to pay off their expense sooner rather than later.

Here are a few key benefits that come with the installation of car port mounting solar energy panels.

Reduced Energy Expenses

First and foremost, solar canopies and solar carports can be a great way to reduce the overall use of your energy at work or at home. Clients can generate clean electricity instead of buying it directly from the utility company.

Efficient Use of Space

Roof-mounted solar panels is among the most efficient ways to directly address the needs of your energy use. Roof-mounted panels atop your car park can bring in energy without interfering with day-to-day operations.

EV Charging

Residential and commercial solar car port mounting systems alike can provide integrated EV-charging solutions for forward-thinking professionals. Business owners taking the initiative to install EV services will give drivers even more reasons to visit their businesses.

Enerfom Solutions can help you with the solar car port mounting systems that you need to thrive and succeed. Contact the team today to learn more about solar panel systems and how you can bring one home.

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