Solar Ground Mounting

More and more companies are adding solar energy panels to their arsenal of power options. Solar is considered better for the environment, and not only that, it may be possible to sell excess power back to the grid to recoup costs. Typically, solar arrays are installed on roofs, but this isn’t the only location they can be placed. If you have a large field or other open space, ground mounting is a great alternative. This is especially true if the roof of your establishment is too small or too steep to hold enough panels to meet your needs.

Commercial Benefits of Solar Energy Ground Mounting

Cost Savings

The cost of standard, or “grid,” power seems to be constantly increasing. Meanwhile, once you invest in ground mounting and commercial solar panels, you don’t have to pay more until they need service. This immediately stabilizes your energy costs, and in most cases, lowers them in the long run. Even better, at Enerform Solar Solutions, you don’t have to pay anything up front to get started. Our payment plans make switching to solar easy on your budget.

In some areas, you can also sell any excess power that your panels generate back to the local power company. When you do this, you’re getting paid for running solar. It’s great to receive a check from the electric company instead of sending one to them!

You Get "Green Points"

Many people now look for companies that are working to “be green.” Putting in an array of solar panels with ground mounting is a very obvious way to improve your environmental footprint and please these customers. In some areas, your local municipality will also be impressed, leading to increased opportunities or lower costs in a variety of ways.

You Get Tax Benefits

Federal, state, and local programs offer a variety of tax benefits for installing solar panels. There’s the Investment Tax Credit, which is a federally-provided rebate good for 26% of the total cost of your new solar system; a bonus depreciation that lets you write off 100% of the first year’s cost basis; solar renewable energy credits, and more. Some states also provide large incentives for going solar, especially those in areas where there is enough sunlight for it to make a big difference in grid demand.

Energy Independence

As rolling blackouts and other such problems affect more and more states, companies are beginning to realize that total dependence on the grid can result in unacceptable disruptions. When you install enough solar panels, you don’t have to care whether or not the grid is down – your company will be up regardless.

Why Use Ground Mounting for Solar Panels?

There are several benefits to ground mounting. The panels are more accessible, there’s no need to use mounting systems that could weaken your roof, and you may have more space for panels on the ground than you do on top of your building.


When your solar panels are easy to get to, such as with ground mounting, they’re more likely to receive the maintenance they need to keep them operational for their full intended lifespan. You can wash them, remove snow, and perform repairs with no need to get someone to go up on your roof. You’ll also notice any emerging problems faster because the panels will be closer to eye level.

Eliminating the need to go up on the roof to maintain solar panels also reduces the risk of falls – and the liability that goes with them. This can help reduce your company’s insurance premiums, among other benefits.

Ground Mounting Protects Your Roof

Mounting anything on the roof increases the risk of leaks. Brackets, braces, and other “protrusions” are often mentioned by roofers as common failure points, regardless of what is attached to them. Heavy solar arrays will put even more strain than usual on such hardware. The best way to avoid this risk is to not mount anything on your roof that you don’t have to.

Gives You More Space for Panels

Ground mounting allows you to use up all of the space in a field or other open area. For many companies, this will end up being more space than there is on the roof. As a result, you can generate more wattage and reduce your reliance on grid power even more. It may be possible to completely eliminate the need for grid power with a large enough ground-mounted system, while your roof would be too small to hold the required number of panels.

These are just some of the reasons to not only go solar, but do so by installing a system using ground mounting. To learn more, or to have us come out to give you a quote, just give us a call here at Enerform Solar Solutions. We’ll be glad to help you save money, improve your environmental footprint, and reduce your dependence on grid power.

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