Solar Rooftop Mounting

Going solar has never made more sense than it does today. Investing in commercial solar rooftop mounting is fast becoming a no-brainer for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The roof above your head is almost certainly an underutilized space. By going solar and opting for rooftop mounting, your business immediately starts to make more sense.

Going Green With Affordable Solar Rooftop Mounting

Commercial solar is now affordable for every business. Especially with solar rooftop mounting, the advantages are immediate, too. From lower bills to what experts are increasingly terming energy independence, the benefits don’t stop there either. Going solar is also great for your business’s green credentials.

By harnessing the sun’s energy, your business can massively reduce its reliance on the power grid. The result? Slashed carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to a potential reduction of hundreds of tonnes annually for larger businesses. Reducing your business’s reliance on fossil fuels and minimizing its carbon footprint is also a great way to appeal to environmentally conscious customers.

Why Choose Solar Rooftop Mounting

Solar rooftop mounting exists alongside other options, such as ground and carport mounting. So, why choose solar rooftop mounting?

No Additional Space Required

Solar rooftop mounting utilizes the roof space above your business. Unlike ground-mounted solar, there’s no need to worry about losing floor-level square footage. If you have a suitable roof, then solar rooftop mounting is a fantastic option.

Utilize Existing Infrastructure

Elsewhere, solar rooftop mounting also utilizes existing building infrastructure like foundations. As a result, there’s no need for additional construction to support and house your solar panels – which can be a significant cost in other instances.

Solar Rooftop Mounting Is Less Expensive

As a result of utilizing existing infrastructure and not requiring additional space, solar rooftop mounting is invariably less expensive than other options. That’s especially true regarding material costs, negating the need for potentially vast quantities of costly metalwork, wiring, concrete, and more.

Keep Valuable Space Free

Solar rooftop mounting further ensures that any additional space your business has can be saved for other purposes. Versus ground-level installations, solar rooftop mounting also saves the headache of requiring any necessary soil surveys before going ahead.

Less Impact on Surroundings

Another perk of choosing solar rooftop mounting is that there’s a minimal visual impact on the surrounding environment. As rooftop-mounted solar panels are largely hidden from view, they won’t unduly affect the exterior appearance of your business premises or the area immediately around it.

Don't Forget the Tax Benefits

Whether you choose solar rooftop mounting or an alternative like panels on, for example, an existing covered car parking area, all come with the same tax benefits. Just some of the many tax-focused initiatives currently available to businesses choosing solar include:

  • Federal Solar Tax Credit
  • Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System
  • Solar Renewable Energy Credits
  • Bonus Depreciation

Remember, you’re also simultaneously investing in energy independence. Without harnessing solar power for your business, you’re under the control of utility companies. With rates constantly changing, by moving to solar, you and your business are protected from the uncertainty of rising utility company energy costs and countless inevitable price hikes.

The result is that investments in solar rooftop mounting and other solar options continue to generate more and more value with each passing year. It’s also a fantastic way to effectively lock in your energy rate, further negating the future uncertainty and risk of massive rate inflation.

Make a Move to Solar

Making a move to solar with Enerform Solutions is just a three-step process. Ask us for a quote to get started. From there, we’ll consider several all-important factors to determine how much you can save with our help. These factors include the direction your building’s rooftops face and how much sunlight your local area receives on average.

We offer this information before anything else so that you can feel confident that solar is the right choice for you and your business. With these savings approved, we’ll work on planning your solar rooftop mounting installation. Crucially, Enerform Solutions takes care of all necessary planning and permits.

Accordingly, for you as a busy business owner, going solar is effortless. We’ll also assign you a dedicated project coordinator. With your project coordinator on hand, you’ll always feel like you’re in the loop. Then, once your solar rooftop mounting installation is complete, you’re free to harness the sun’s power on your own terms with total energy independence for years to come.

Customize Your Solar Rooftop Mounting System

Enerform Solutions will customize your commercial solar system to fit your business's needs. Call us today to discuss what solar rooftop mounting from Enerform Solutions can do for you.

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